Interview Jorryt van Hoof

Posted by on Jan 15, 2015 in Allgemein, Lifestyle, Living, Travel

Jorryt van Hoof  ”THE CLEANER” WSOP Final Table 2014 Main Event. He finished in 3rd place, earning $3,807,753.






Peter: How was your Christmas, New Year?
Jorryt: I celibrated both in London and had a fantastic time. I had family over for christmas and watched the London fireworks from closeby with my girfriend.
Peter: How was your Review 2014?
Jorryt: My 2014 was dominated by one event, the WSOP final table. Ever since reaching it in the summer my mind and experiences where continuesly occupied by it. All in all it was probably the best experience of my life. The result ofcourse is a huge achievement, which I feel really gratefull for. Next to that the expierence in Las Vegas itself was something I will definitly never forget, I had a huge group of almost 100 friends and family flying to watch the final!
Peter: We have indeed made in Las Vegas for 3th WSOP space is world class as you have processed the final day in retrospect? 
Jorryt: I am currently still reflecting on the event piece by piece. This way I hope take away as much as I possibly can, it has been an awesome learning experience. The competitive nature in me obviously would have liked to be crowned champion, but all in all I am feeling extremely gratefull and happy with my result.
Peter: Your birthday party was also in Las Vegas? How did you let it rip and where?
Jorryt: I had a few days of celibrations, WSOP and birthday combined. We had a BBQ at a villa I rented, we went out for dinner several times. Also we went out clubbing at the Voodoo Lounge and XS Club.
Peter: Your plans for 2015?
Jorryt: I am currently in the process of setting goals for 2015. Some poker related goals, like playing the best I can at some live events (and win a big one).
Peter: Please tell you how you became a Poker Pro?
Jorryt: I used to be the owner of a gaming store, people started playing poker in the store, I joined in and enjoyed the game, a lot. I have only once ever had a new-years resolution, and that was to take poker more serious.
Peter: What were your way to learn the game?
Jorryt: I mosty got better through discussions with friends and by being reflective on my own game as often as possible.



Peter: Thank you very much Jorryt and have a also successful 2015.